alice in wonderland costume where to find the perfect outfit

Little did Lewis Carroll know, back in the late eighteen hundreds, that the story he had written for a neighbor’s child would become the classic that it is today. His story was both a satire and a piece of literary history that is as relevant now as it was then. Embrace your inner poet and dreamer at your next costumed event. Go as the heroine from Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale in your Alice in wonderland costume.
The recent release of yet another movie retelling of the tale has brought new attention to the story. This time, the talented Tim Burton brought his interpretation to the story. Using the acting talents of luminaries such as Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, the story has been brought to life once more, with an interesting twist.
You can take on the role of Alice with just a little bit of work. You do not need to purchase a full costume to do it effectively. Simply start with a simple white shift which ends just before the knees and which has a lace trim.
You will also need a simple light blue dress, which buttons either in back or in front. For the sake of being authentic, you may want to try to make it with short and puffy sleeves, and with a pan-style collar.
If you are not a natural blond, you will want to color your hair or purchase a wig to wear for your special occasion. Remember that Alice wore her hair back, and kept it there with a black bow. In addition to these accessories, you may also want to wear black shoes and white stockings, depending on the temperature at the time of your event.
If you are not up to the task of making your own costume, it is easy enough to find one already made. A number of Alice in wonderland Halloween costumes are easily found online and in costume stores. Whether you want to go for the classic Alice or the sexy Alice look, you will be certain to find what you are looking for.